Studying Holistic Nutrition at IIN | Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Studying Holistic Nutrition at IIN | Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Today’s video is all about my experience studying holistic nutrition, and the pros and cons of studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN.)

My master plan was to become a Hollywood superstar.

I’m not even kidding.

But after a decade of the dross and disillusionment of Hollywood (at least in my experience,) I hightailed it out of there and never looked back. That story is a whole thing and may result in an epic novel at some point, but for now, suffice it to say: I love performing, but I do not love the industry…or LA.

But, dieu merci, Paris cured most of my post-traumatic-LA despondency.

Breathing recommenced. My soul resurfaced.

And then, slowly my career blinders came off, and new ambitions began to emerge – such as the desire to study holistic nutrition. To be clear… studying holistic nutrition and becoming a health coach was never in my 5 or 10 year plan. And if I’m being honest, the thought of deviating from my previous career path threw me into a slight “identity crisis.”

“Who am I? A performer? Or a nutrition expert?”

(Spoiler alert: It turns out you don’t have to choose.)

Anyway, I did manage to quiet my ego and follow my intuition, and in 2013 I signed up to study at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition, aka IIN.

⭐️ Studying at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition Changed My Life

It did.

There’s no two ways about it. If I hadn’t studied at IIN, there would be no Veggie Magnifique. I might still be floundering, desperately seeking purpose and meaning beyond my career as a performer. (And plus this would have never happened – )

Furthermore, studying at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition helped me as a human. At IIN, in addition to nutrition, you study goal setting, time management, self-care, active listening, entrepreneurship, marketing, the basics of financial wellness, and so much more.

And what happened is this – in studying how to help others heal, I, too, was healed.

⭐️ Why I’m Talking About IIN

I filmed today’s video because everyone and their mother asks me questions about my nutrition studies. Friends, acquaintances – you name it. (Plus many random people inquire about it on my old YouTube video.) So it seemed only natural that I share a bit more on the subject.

And the truth is, I love talking about this program.

So if you’re curious about studying at IIN (or just curious in general,) I hope that you find this video useful. As always, if you have further questions, leave ’em in the comments section!

So let’s spell it out, shall we? The ins and outs, and ups and downs of studying at IIN.

Have I entirely relinquished my goals of being a Hollywood superstar?

Let’s put it this way… if being a superstar means I’m adding as much value to this world as I possibly can, then: Heck yeah. Bring it. (But just leave out the Hollywood part, you feel me?)

Here’s to holistic wellness,


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Should you be interested in learning more, here are some resources for you:

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Freebies for you if you join using my name, Ann Christine, or the above links. (You by no means have to use my link, or my name! However, if you do, I’d be delighted.)

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• Masterclass with Joshua, the founder of IIN
• Summit Video Recordings
• Special Class with David Wolfe

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• 6 Months to Health & Happiness E-Book
• Integrative Nutrition Audiobook

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George Jerde
George Jerde
George is a health writer, certified holistic nutritionist, and 100% plant-based athlete. With his wife and their two kids, George lives in British Columbia, Canada. That’s where you can usually find him running mountain trails, working out in his home gym, or writing in a coffee shop.
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