Home Gym Tour – Sorinex Apex Rack, Fatbells, Jammer Arms

Home Gym Tour – Sorinex Apex Rack, Fatbells, Jammer Arms

I spent an arm and a leg 🤑 on this home gym and film studio! 😅

If you have any questions or would like a more in depth review on one of the pieces of equipment you saw let me know in the comments below!!!✌️🙏🤘

Introduction (0:00)
Pull up bars, gym layout (0:43)
Cardio equipment (2:14)
Sorinex Apex Rack (3:30)
Gym pin – add weight to cable stack (4:43)
Fatbells (5:32)
Powerblocks – Pro 90 (6:27)
-Custom handles: JD Gym Equipped
Jammer arms (7:16)
Bulldog pad (8:05)
Nordic hamstring curl (8:35)
45 degree back raise (9:15)
Landmine exercises (9:55)
Eleiko squat stand (10:50)
Barbells (12:12)
-Kabuki Open Trap Bar, Transformer Bar (Gen 1), Duffalo Bar
-Rogue Ohio Bar, E-Z bar, C70 bar
-Rep Fitness Cambered Swiss Bar
-Titan beater bar (for landmines only!)
Ankle Rester 3000 (14:35)
Sonos Amp + SVS SB-1000 Pro (15:35)
Kettlebells (16:25)
Cable attachments (17:00)
Lebert Fitness Paralettes (17:34)
Lifting Belts (18:52)
Slideboard, Sorinex Glute Ham Roller (20:08)

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Lillian Harvey
Lillian Harvey
Lillian is a freelance writer based in Des Moines, Iowa. Passionate about all things wellness. She aims to bring seemingly intimidating food and fitness concepts down to earth for readers.
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