Food Groups for Kids | Learn about the five food groups and their benefits

Food Groups for Kids | Learn about the five food groups and their benefits

Do you know what the five food groups are? Do you know which foods fall into each category? In Food Groups for Kids, you will learn about the benefits that foods in each of these groups provide your body and keep you healthy. You will also discover how many servings a day you should have of each one.

Fruits include things like apples, nectarines, and bananas. They provide your body with lots of essential vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin C and potassium are two very important vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Vegetables like carrots and spinach may not be as sweet as fruits, but they have tons of vitamins and nutrients that you need as well!

Grains probably makes you think of bread and cereal. This group also includes pasta, tortillas, and popcorn! These foods also provide you with fiber, which helps your body do a lot of good things. Next are proteins, which include foods like meat, fish, beans, and tofu. They can provide your body with energy and help your bones and muscles grow strong. Similarly, dairy products can also strengthen your bones, and give you vitamin D to help reduce your risk of diseases.

Each group requires a different number of servings each day. And those serving sizes differ as well. Fruits, for instance, require 1 1/2 cups per serving while proteins require 5 ounces per serving. Some foods even contain multiple food groups in one place, like pizza, which can have grains from the bread and toppings from the other four groups.

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What you will learn in Food Groups for Kids:
0:00 Introduction to the five food groups
1:06 Fruits and their benefits
1:46 Vegetables and their benefits
2:38 Grains and their benefits
3:29 Proteins and their benefits
4:08 Dairy products and their benefits
4:44 Serving size for each food group
6:40 Review of the facts

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George Jerde
George Jerde
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